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About me

Photography has always been an important and very personal part of my life. From travelling coast to American coast in 1976 with little more than a backpack and one of the first Olympus OM1s, to documenting the ice-cream wet-nose moments of my three kids' childhoods, for years I have been lovingly taking photographs on both film and, more recently, digital cameras.

What I love doing most is taking quality photographs that capture those hard-to-forget but easy-to-miss moments. Whether you're organising a wedding, prom party, the all-company away-day or Nana's 90th birthday, getting the perfect photos to remember the occasion is priceless.

Before pursuing my passion for photography professionally, my rat-race days were spent in the fast-paced world of international business consultancy. I'm no stranger to working with clients to meet their needs and capturing the kind of photos my customers like is what I do best. 

I hope you enjoy the examples on this site, and if you would like a discussion about how I can accent the key moments in your lives, click on the engage me link to send me your details. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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